Personal Protection


A self-braking device with an additional lowering and pulling-in function
– the device is mounted directly to the tripod leg
– has a double safety system – latch and shield
– it is possible to change the function from a fall arrest device to a lifting device and lowering device or vice versa
– you can release the crank at any time
– 05mm galvanized steel cord
– the rope ends with a rotary snap hook
– permissible load: 100 kg
– standard rope length: 15m
– other lengths (up to 60m) available on request
– weight (with a 15m line): ll.5kg

Emergency stretcher AG 701

Evacuation navigation from height and victim transport. They are also adapted to transport by air, e.g. with the measurement of the militia.
– made of polyethylene
– they have an aluminum edge reinforcement of the stretcher
– consist of two parts joined together
– are equipped with a four-point sling for cooperation with the winch
– they have five belts to immobilize the injured on a stretcher
– additionally, they can be equipped with the so-called head stabilization blocks
– load capacity: 250 kg
– weight: 14 kg


Portable anchor point for fall arrest and evacuation equipment. Perfect for securing workplaces such as sewage and cable chambers, silos, tanks.
– made of aluminum profiles
– has an attachment point to attach the pulley – pulley included
– has three telescopic legs with non-slip feet
– three-level height adjustment
– max. height of the tripod spaced: 2.5 m
– length after folding for transport: 1.65m
– permissible working load: up to 300 kg or 2 people
– weight: 18.5 kg


Simple construction harness intended for construction and where work is performed in support.
– large rear hitch buckle
– rear attachment point extension as an option
– two side buckles for working in support
– shoulder straps connector fastened with a metal buckle
– ergonomic hip belt
– auxiliary clip for hanging tools or a tool bag
– full adjustment of the thigh straps and hip belt
– universal size
– weight: 1350 g


Hand: cow split leather, cotton lining
Upper: cotton + partially cow split leather
Wrist: rubberized cotton cuff, 70mm long

Other features: full hand, no hand seams


Hand: cotton-polyester knit, coated with a rough latex
Top: cotton-polyester knit
Wrist: knitted ribbing
Other features: the entire interior is insulated with 100% acrylic

 1545/150 PACH GLOVE

Hand: white grain goatskin Upper: white grain goat leather Wrist: 150mm cow split leather cuff Other features: sewn with aramid thread, additional protection of the inside of the wrist

Example of models